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Learning to play an instrument should, overall, be an enjoyable experience. There is, of course, a direct correlation between the amount of time you put into it and the progress you perceive personally. If you are directed correctly you will experience real progress each and every lesson, this gives you the resolve to move to the next level. That "resolve" is the key to everything!

There is a much-overused maxim out there: "No pain - no gain"... In my view, the word "Pain..." should be replaced by "Time..." If you don't actually do it, you'll experience no progress, and you'll quickly lose interest. In that case you would miss out on a skill that can give a lifetime of fullfillment. It is that "interest" that started you on the road to musicianship in the first place, and that same interest should carry you through to completion - at whichever level you wish to be at. With the right attitude there should be no pain involved, either mental or physical.

Music as an art form

Music is an indispensable part of most people's lives, and more beneficial to our physical and mental health than it may at first appear. Keyboard music training - even in its most basic form - is known to improve skills which require mental imagery. Performing music in an ensemble environment teaches us to interact, listen and respond to others. Improvisation and Composition open up the imaginative and creative persona, whilst "Music Therapy" is at last gaining the support it deserves.