Online Tuition

saxophone teachers
Skype - even without the coronavirus problem - is a useful tool. It's the next best thing to actually being face to face with your tutor. And there are times/circumstances when it can be even better.

Certain elements in theory - for example - can be comfortably continued from the familiar surroundings of your own home.

Generally, it is only that first meeting that works better face-to-face. This, mainly because I would need to actually have your chosen instrument in my hands in order to assess its structural integrity. (i.e.: does the instrument have leaky pads or loose springs? That kind of thing.) Also it will be useful to know that the mouthpiece you have at the moment is suited to your "embouchure". And for that I will need to actually blow your instrument.

Embouchure? You will hear that word a lot as you progress. Follow THIS   link to learn more.

SKYPE is also useful if you have a cold and do not want to spread it around.

The reasons for having Skype on your computer/mobile are many and varied. And - since it's free anyway - why not?

My Skype ID is: (same as email)